Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Already?  

I have NO clue where the time has gone and I know I have been horrible about keeping up with this darn blog.   Don't get me wrong  it's not that difficult and I'm sure I have plenty  I could say or discuss.  I just tend to forget it exists.  Of course isn't that always the way,  the things we WANT to remember we don't and those thoughts we would like to never think about again are always there!   Anyway ...  I'm sharing a few shots from this season.  I'm having some issues with my depth of field on my camera so I'm not as happy with them as I had hoped I would be.  If  anyone wants to give me a late birthday present and buy me the latest greatest professional Canon you could even send it to me anonymously,  maybe from a secret admirer.  I'd even provide you my P.O. Box from work!  You are thinking about it aren't you!  Go ahead just go shopping and make my MONTH heck that would make my year!  *laughing and winking*    

Okay, enough of my rambling here are a few shots.