Thursday, June 5, 2014

True to the End?

We are just days away from the beginning of the end for True Blood.  This summer will be the last one  we will all tune into HBO on Sunday nights with trepidation and excitement wondering what new ways the show will  titillate, shock and frighten us.   We've  become obsessed with the story of a simple telepathic bar maid from Louisiana and the powerful  creatures of the night that seem to find her irresistible.  We've watched as the demons from our childhood nightmares have been brought to life before our very eyes and surprisingly  proven to be as sexy as they were dangerous.  It will be with great  anticipation that we'll watching and hoping our favorites  will survive the final season  

When the dust finally settles at the end of summer will we be satisfied  and  maybe even amazed,  or will we feel  let down and left to curse Alan Ball and the other writers - only time time will tell.
But one thing for sure; it's definitely been an exciting ride.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Blood Moon

Sometimes we are lucky enough for all the conditions to be favorable so we can enjoy a wonderful show in the sky.  We were lucky enough in our part of the US to have a clear beautiful night that lent it'self so well to the beautiful lunar eclipse on April 15,  2014 which resulted in a gorgeous blood moon.   Below are a few images that helps explain a lunar eclipse.

The moon during the April 15, 3014  eclipse (Southwest USA)