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Wind in Her Sails 

This was my first story for Fan Fic so be kind.  I started working on another project and set this one to the side for a bit, but I'm picking it back up and plan on getting it finished up soon.   

TeaserSookie is having strange dreams which have her questioning life & her relationships. She realizes she has to take control of her life or else. She will have to battle her own fears, Eric's emotions, and  possible a one or two new enemies. 

Chapter 1

Sookie stretched lazily in the sunshine as it streamed through her bedroom window bathing the room in its glow. She wanted to stay in bed snuggled in her comforter basking in the warmth and the peace. She was happy to finally have a day off and was determined to enjoy every minute of it. After the crazy things that had been going on, she needed some quite time for herself to think about everything that had happened the previous week. Lately, it seemed like there were never enough hours in the day much less any peace and quiet for herself. It had been that way ever since vampires had entered her life.

Her thoughts quickly skipped to the one person she couldn't quit thinking about, a certain tall, blond, Viking.

"Eric..." She whispered softly as his image came racing to her mind.

She felt a surge in the bond as if he heard her call. Then just as quickly as she could, she pushed all thoughts of him aside. She did not want to think about him now - not before she had time to sort out everything. It probably left her in a dangerous position of some sort, it usually did when dealing with the supernatural world. Several of her friends wouldn't appreciate the her opinion, but it was true whether it involved the Vampires, Weres, or shoot now even the Were-Panthers which her brother, Jason, had now become. Sookie sighed, pushing the blankets to the side and slid out of bed.

"Ok enough" she mumbled. She had big plans today and it didn't involve any thoughts about vampires except for the one that really mattered, Eric, but first things first. She'd decided to splurge on a personal day which included a bit of self pampering before anything else.

She also realized she needed to quit avoiding the blood bond and her bonded. Her heart ached a little and tears escaped the corner of her eyes as she longed for her Eric. She missed their time together, when he didn't remember his true self, the Sheriff of Area 5, and she'd become the center of his world. Drying her tears, she shook her head. She needed to get control of herself and get on with the day.

The day before, she decided that it was time she started running her own life instead of letting it run her. Sookie was sick and tired of just waiting for things to happen, going along for the ride, then later dealing with the aftermath the best way she knew. She remembered one of Gran's many pearls of wisdom she was fond of quoting, "You can't always control the wind, but you can control your sails". Sookie was tired of someone else always trying to control her "sails" therefore controlling her life. It was time to start taking charge of her own life and it started today. No more reacting and running, she had done that way too long. She would probably make a lot of mistakes, but they would be her mistakes, and no one else's.

"Yep, today is the day," Sookie said to herself as she started gathering up her new bubble bath and started towards the bathroom. Her first decision was to enjoy a nice long relaxing bath before she would tackle the rest of her day.

An hour later, after soaking until the bubbles had disappeared, Sookie's stomach started growling. She stepped out of the bath, pulling the plug as she stood. She moisturized her skin with a new wonderful smelling lotion that was part of the bath set she had splurged. She loved the scent of it and the bubble bath. It reminded her of the smell of Gran's flowerbeds right after it rained. She thought about her plans for the day and knew Gran would approve of the new course she had set. She couldn't explain it, but somehow Sookie just knew that it was imperative that she start facing everything going on in her life. She didn't understand the feelings guiding her new attitude but her instincts had been throwing red flags up everywhere and this time she was going to listen.

Sookie finished up in the bathroom, drying her hair a bit and putting it up in a casual clip then went to get dressed. She picked out her favorite pair of jeans and a comfy, lightweight, periwinkle blue, sweater getting dressed quickly and heading to the kitchen searching for her roommate, Amelia. She wanted to tell her about the plans and the new found sense of personal direction. Sookie found her in the kitchen scrubbing something, as usual. Amelia was almost pathological about cleaning. Any time she was nervous or upset she cleaned. She dipped into her friend's mind to make sure she wasn't upset, her roomy was just a bit bored and waiting for her with big plans.

"Great!" She thought, today was one time she didn't want anything to mess up her plans. She didn't want to leave Amelia bored and lonely, but something in her own heart told her it was important to keep her focus and stay on task no matter what. Amelia heard Sookie behind her and swung around with a big smile on her face.

"Hey Girl, I'm glad you are finally getting around I have some great news and have been waiting forever for you to get up." Sookie smiled, pouring herself a cup of coffee and grabbing some fruit out of the fridge.

"Mornin' hon, whatcha need?" She sat down with her breakfast; well actually it would be brunch...

"Geeze when did it get that late." She thought to herself sitting down at the kitchen table. Amelia put down her cleaning rag taking off the ugly yellow gloves.

"Well, there is a new boutique opening up in downtown Shreveport and I thought we could have a girl's day out with some shopping and maybe dinner later. I know after all the vampire drama this week I need some pampering and I'm sure you do too." Amelia sat down with her own cup of coffee and looked at Sookie expectantly.

It was obvious that she really wanted to spend the day together, sharing some lighthearted girl time and Sookie thought it did sound a lot more fun than being alone. When she thought about a day out with her bestie, she was almost ready to agree to go scrapping her own plans. She continued eating her fruit, giving herself more time to think.

"Well are you just going to sit there and eat? What do you think Sook?"

Taking a sip of her coffee, Sookie refocused herself and realized that she couldn't take the easy way out; not any more. She didn't understand it, but she knew deep in her heart that she couldn't go with Amelia. She didn't know why it was so important, but she just had a gut instinct that she needed to stick with her own plans.

"Amelia, hon I would love to have a girls day out and I know we both deserve one, but I've made plans already and I really have to keep them. I don't want to get into it yet but just let me say that I think a lot depends on it" Sookie took another drink from her cup and finally looked up to see Amelia's reaction.

"Oh I guess if you already have plans we'll just have to do a rain check, " and with that Amelia picked up the cleaning supplies and looked as if she were going to start giving the kitchen counters yet another cleaning.

"Hey I have a great idea, why don't you treat yourself to a beauty day. I have a coupon from the salon we liked so much in Shreveport for a free full day of beauty. Pam gave me a few of them and I haven't had time to use any of them. Why don't you treat yourself and maybe you could ask Trey out for a nice dinner at that cute French restaurant you've been wanted to try" Sookie gathered her dishes and started cleaning them quickly waiting for Amelia's response.

"What's gotten into you Sook, since when do you pass up a girl's day out? What's going on?" Amelia looked at her curiously. She stared at her roommate a few minutes and decided to share everything. She knew Amelia would be surprised at how determined she was about her day.

"Don't think I'm crazy Ok? Because it's going to sound kinda strange, but I trust that you will just listen and support me?" Sookie took a deep breath and continued as Amelia readily nodded her head in agreement.

" Ever since the night of the Nevada takeover, I've been having this nagging feeling that I need to do something, I'm not sure what it is but I know that I have to figure out what's going on with my life. I know that sounds so cliché, but I just get a sense that if I don't face my feelings for Eric, this crazy blood bond , and even Quinn, I will make some mistakes which may have horrible consequences." Amelia looked at her, eyes wide with surprise.

"I've even been dreaming of this stuff, coming up to a pair of roads and having to pick one, even a crazy game show one that I had to pick curtain one, two or three. It's been like this the whole week." Amelia walked over and hugged her tightly.

"Oh Sookie, I had no idea why didn't you tell me" She shrugged off the hug and started pacing a bit….

"That's the crazy thing Amelia; it's not upsetting me-it's just kinda there saying I have to choose something, a path, a course, a direction. I know I've been running from my feelings, from Eric, and the blood bond; what it all means or doesn't mean to me. I realize I've been just riding the wind and letting it take me where it wants. I can't do that any more I don't know why, but I know in my heart that I have to face myself, make some choices, and it starts today. I wish I could explain it better, but I can barely understand it myself." She sat down rubbing her temples with her fingertips.

"Sookie I think I know what you are talking about, it's like you are having a personal epiphany that demands action. That happened to me when I moved here with you. I don't know what's happening exactly, but I do know my wards are still in place so no one is getting through, maybe its your intuition."

Amelia sat down next to her and took Sookie's hand. "It will be okay, I realize how hard this is especially facing things when all you want to do is run, but I know if you don't listen to your instincts you will regret it. I know when I ignored mine I ended up with a cat for a boyfriend. Do what you need, and I think I'll take you up on that beauty day and I'm going to ask Trey out, heck who knows maybe that's part of the cosmic plan here?" Amelia sat back and smiled. Sookie reached over and hugged her friend.

"What made me think you wouldn't understand, I should have known better! Thank you for your support. I promise we will have a whole girl's weekend soon, maybe we can even invite Pam!" With that thought both women started giggling at the thought of Pam doing anythinggirly she was just sooo tough and aloof sometimes.

Amelia shook her head and stood up. "Well I'm going to call Tray then I'm heading to Shreveport." Sookie hugged her friend again, handed her the coupon, and then quickly headed to her bedroom to gather up the a few things she would need for the rest of the day.   ~TBC~


TEASER: Eric has regained all his memories after being cursed by Hallow and he seeks solace from the one person who holds the key.

A/N- When I first heard this song I was instantly reminded of the relationship between Eric and Sookie and I knew I was going to write a story based off of it.  Here is the link to the original song:

I stood beside the bed, watching her sleep as I have done every night since I recovered my memories.   I could not believe what had transpired between myself and the beautiful, frail creature that lay before me.   When she had finally divulged all the details of our relationship, I did not readily accept it.   A part of me knew she was being honest and her words were born from truth, but I could not - no I would not accept them.   My lover sighed in her sleep and I moved to kneel by her bedside.  

Sookie was resting on her side, her arms wrapped around a pillow which she clutched to her breasts.  I lowered my face closer to hers, inhaling her unique scent and my own.  I knew the pillow she held had been the one I had rested on when I had slept here – in her bed.  I had smelled my aroma on it the first night I had come to her.  It had amazed and yet confused me that she still kept something of mine so close.   However, unlike those first few weeks, I now understood the reasoning even if she did not.   Suddenly the lyrics of a song I had recently heard went through my mind. 

* As I look into your eyes I see the sunrise
the light behind your face helps me realize

I moved my lips to gently caress her cheek in a soft kiss and the smell of sunshine caressed and teased my nose.  I loved the way her skin seemed to soak up the smell of the sun.   It reminded me of my favorite time of day, as a human - sunrise.   I had spent many an early morning sitting on the windy beaches of the Baltic Sea, watching the sun break across the horizon.  I remember how these mornings had always brought me great peace and contentment.

I blinked a few times, bringing myself back into the present and sharply pulled away from her. I was so caught up in the sensations and memories of our past; I had inadvertently started to nuzzle my face into her hair and neck, becoming lost in her unique scent and that of the sun still clinging to her. I sighed and traced my fingers along her jaw line as I leaned forward to touch my lips softly to hers.  The gods help me; I could not resist this woman.  

She started to shift her position and I flew to the window, ready to make a quick escape.  I watched her in anticipation, willing her to awaken as I had every night for the past few weeks.   I took a deep breath and waited while she turned over on her other side, still clutching my pillow tightly to her. 

I smiled and shook my head.  It gave me much comfort to see her hold it so tightly.   Every night I had visited, she had never once let it go.  My fangs slid down as I thought of her holding my body with the same fierce grip she held that pillow. Without warning, I was unable to stop myself from sliding into the empty space beside my lover.  Her warm breath caressed my face as I lay next to her, and I longed to wrap her soft body in my embrace. 

Looking into her beautiful face, I was not sure if she thought of me as many times as I thought of her.  I hoped she yearned for me the way I did for her.  It seemed like all I did was think and dream of her.  Yes, she had even invaded my daytime rest. 

My eyes roamed over her body as I thought of my dreams of her – of us.  We were always laughing and happy, and as I watched her sleep I hoped she dreamt of me.   Did she dream of me possessing her, and of me loving her?  Did any of these thoughts enter her mind? I brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and a heavy sigh escaped my lips as the song came to my mind once more.  It had reminded me of the questions that plagued me.

* I don't know if it's even in your mind at all
It could be me
At this moment in time
Is it in your mind at all
It should be me, it could be me

At one time, I would have been satisfied to possess just her body, to make her physically mine.  I thought that was what I wanted. After all, it was what was familiar, and the only thing I had ever known, until that fateful night when she found me running down her road.  

I sat up and went to the window, staring down that very path.  The moment she had saved me, my destiny had changed and became entwined with hers.  Over the last few weeks, I had begun to believe that providence had brought us together for a purpose.  I glanced back at the bed as I ran my long fingers through my hair.   I knew at my very core it was because of the time I had spent with Sookie that I now found myself hopelessly in love with her.  My goal had changed.  I not only wanted her physically, but I wanted to possess her heart – her very soul, and there was the rub.  

I sat down in the rocking chair at the foot of the bed, still watching her.  I knew she did not trust me and would not allow herself to accept her feelings for me.   It was the reason she kept avoiding me and the talk, I had promised her we would have, once I regained my memories.   She knew what had passed between us was more than a physical connection, and I could feel her anxiety when I tried to discuss our relationship.   I needed to make her understand and to trust in me and her own feelings - I needed her to do it soon.  

Perhaps that was the reason I came to her each night, hoping she would awaken and I could tell her of my love.   I shook my head and laughed admonishing my own foolish thoughts.  I knew the true motivation for my nightly visit and it was completely selfish.   It was simple, I had to be near Sookie because I craved her presence and I simply missed being with her.   

I flew to the bed, sitting next to her once again.  Staring into her face, I reflected on our situation and how long I was going to let it continue.   I knew what I wanted, and even though she would not admit it, I knew now more than ever my lover wanted the same thing.  With that thought firm in my mind, I brought my hand to her face and gently cupped her chin as I pressed a soft kiss on her lips, and sighed her name against them. 

“Sookie, lover… I need to speak with you.”  Her eyes slowly opened as I placed another kiss on her forehead. 

“Eric?”  Her voice was soft with sleep and full of confusion.  “What’s wrong?”  Her eyes met mine full of question.    

“Nothing is wrong, lover, I have something important to discuss with you and it can no longer wait.”   I lifted my face from hers as she started to sit up and reach for the bedside lamp.  

As soft light filled the room, she blinked a few times and started to get out of bed.  I placed my hands over hers and caught her eyes with mine.     

“Will you stay here and listen, please Sookie?  I know you are confused and soon your defensive side will rear its ugly head, but please just listen to me.”    I knew I sounded a bit desperate, but I did not care.  All I cared about was telling her my feelings and getting on with our relationship.  She continued watching me closely, but nodded in agreement.  I held her hands, stroking them with my own.  

“Lover, as you know I regained all my memories a several weeks ago.  It only took me a few days to realize that everything changed the moment you found me running on your road.”  She started to interrupt, but I placed a finger over her lips and continued.  “Let me finish.  I remember everything that occurred between us Sookie, and first and foremost I owe you an apology.”  She inhaled sharply and her eyes widened even further.  

“I am sorry for hurting you after all you have done for me.  I realize now exactly how much you gave of yourself and how much pain it has caused you. ”  Suddenly, as if struck by lightening, I had an epiphany.

 “Is this why you have avoided me?  Because when I walked away from you, after regaining only part of my memories, it caused you pain? Of course you were only protecting yourself by keeping your distance from me.   Oh my love!”  I brought her hands to my lips and placed a gentle kiss on each palm.   Her eyes became flooded with tears as she nodded and watched me kiss her hands. 


“Lover, I have wanted to make you mine from the moment you walked into my club.  I have wanted to possess your body and bring you to my side but now I want even more. “  My eyes locked with hers. 

“I want your love and your future.   Sookie Stackhouse, I love you more than anyone I have known in my thousand years of existence.   I know we are fated to be together and I want to be with you as long as we both live.   I will spend the rest of my days loving you and making you happy.  I can only pray to the gods that you will let me prove my love and commitment to you.”   I looked down at her tiny hands in mine, waiting for her response.  She took a deep breath and turned her gaze from mine.   

Suddenly, my courage failed me as doubt swirled through my mind.  I knew if she refused me I would pursue her until she gave me a chance to prove my worth. I would not give up; I could not give up.  I realized that my life would be meaningless without her. I reached up cupping her face in my hands, and tilted her chin up till her eyes met mine.  I searched her face for answers and I heard her softly moan.

“Oh Eric.” She whispered my name as tears streaked her face. “You can have my future as long as you promise to love me forever. I love you!  I love you so mu…”   Before she could finish, I captured her lips with my own, claiming them with all the passion and desire I had been restraining.  I found my memories and the reality of kissing her colliding with each other - the impact sent my mind and senses reeling.  

A deep growl escaped my throat as I pulled her body tightly against my own.   After all the nights of longing, I could let myself go and possess what was rightfully mine.  I felt her lips draw back as she took in a ragged breath.  I was not to be denied and I started placing kisses along her jaw line.  

“Eric, we need to slow down a minute; I want us to talk.”   Her voice was low and husky with emotion, but the last thing I wanted to do was to have a conversation.   I gave a low chuckle and continued kissing her along her jaw and then trailed kisses along her lovely neck. 

Now you want to talk?  Lover, this is not the time for a discussion.  I have much more pleasurable things in mind and although they involve my mouth and my tongue, they do not include the use of many words.”   I flipped her body under mine and claimed her mouth with my own once again. 

I traced her lips with my tongue before I nudged past them, into her waiting mouth.   Our tongues danced together, stroking, caressing, and when they finally parted, it was to explore every hidden niche of the others’ mouth.   Once again, our embrace was broken as Sookie gasped for air.   I laughed, placing a kiss on each cheek, the tip of her nose, and finally on her forehead.  

“Lover, I love taking your breath away.”  She laughed as a soft blush stained her cheeks and she pushed against my chest with her tiny hands. 

“Eric, you are terrible, but I love you, so I guess I’ll let that one slide.”  I stopped moving and simply stared into her mesmerizing blue eyes. 

“I am amazed that you say it so easily. Speak those words again, Sookie, tell me you love me.  I will never tire of hearing those beautiful words from you.  Please say them again!”   I stroked her cheek with the back of my knuckles as I waited.  

“I say it so easily because I know you feel the same way.  I love you, Eric Northman, I love you.” 

My dead heart was overwhelmed and I could do nothing more but drop my forehead to rest on hers.  I was simply overcome with the emotions this woman brought out in me.   Sookie’s hand reached up and she stroked my face with her fingertips.  

“Eric, are you okay?”  Her voice was filled with concern and I could feel her anxiety begin to increase.   Raising my forehead from hers, I looked into eyes and then quickly flipped on to my back, taking her with me.   I wrapped my arms around her waist as she cuddled into my chest, resting her head in the crook of my neck.  

“Lover, I have never experienced the emotions you bring out in me.   When you spoke of your love, I was simply overwhelmed – I still am.   Every night for the past few weeks, I have sat here wondering if you thought about me as much as I have you.   I wondered if you saw me as someone you could love and who could share your future.   I wondered if you would let me love you forever.”  As I whispered my thoughts, my hand cupped her face.   I was surprised when she sat up and gave me a soft kiss.  

“Eric, I have dreamt of you every night we have been apart and you’ve been in my mind and in my thoughts almost every minute of every day.   So, yes, I have shared your thoughts – if I could be yours and if you would be mine.  I’ve thought about sharing my life with you, of loving you, and of being loved by you forever.”   Sookie’s tears fell softly to my chest and I laid my face next to hers and felt my lover’s tears mingle with my own. 

“Oh my love, my precious love, I will spend every day of the rest of our lives loving you.”   I buried my face in her neck breathing deeply, smelling the sun on her skin, knowing contentment for the first time in a thousand years.  

She was my life, she was my hope, and she was my sunrise. 

Wandering through life love will come home to you
 And the love you want forever, it will be true to you

DISCLAIMER: These characters are not mine, they belong to Charlaine Harris.   I’m just borrowing them for a bit.  


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