Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am actually a little shocked that I haven't posted anything since Christmas.   WOW where does the time go?  Oh I know,  RL gets in the way and it seems like you are doing good to just get through the day and on to the next without just finding a cozy "cave"  and just hiding for awhile.   Ever have one of those times?  Well that's what the first part of the year has been for me,  I'm praying that things are going to slow down and get back to normal,  well normal for me at least ; )    

I'm hoping to do more writing too.  I actually am pretty proud of myself as I've updated Wind in Her Sails this week and already working on the next chapter.   I know how this is going to end I just need to get the time, energy and  inspiration to put it down in a creative and enjoyable form.   So keep your fingers crossed.  My muse seems to be working really hard to keep the creativity flowing so I'm going to work hard to take advantage of her talents!