Monday, July 1, 2013

True Blood S6 E3 You're No Good

There are so many that fit the title of this week's episode that it would be hard to pick just one but honestly the wolves spring to mind immediately.    I don't know WHAT the heck is going on with them, and is it just me or do they seem to be running a muck?   

Not looking friendly here 

Weres gone wild! 

The next person (and of course that's a really loosely used) to be up to no good is BILLITH!   I don't know what that supposed southern gentleman is up to but you can bet he's up to something. 

Bill's doing parlor tricks!  

He tries to manipulate her, AGAIN
And he's through when she won't give him what he wants

What is he up to with Andy and then.... 

There is this parting shot--that's a "I'm up to no good" look  if I've ever seen one

Then of course we have the curious, mysterious Ben.  Is he good, is he part fae or?   I think something is rotten in Denmark here, possibly.  He's a wild card that's for sure but he was happy to meet "Gramps"  AKA Niall,  and he sure wants to buddy up with Sookie.  What do you all think friend or foe?   

Ready to serve 

Helping out yet again? hmm 

What's he really up to ?
 Speaking of shady shenanigans there's a certain blonde blast from the past working with the crazy governor. Bet old Steve wished he'd been a little wiser picking spouses.

Trouble with a capital T
I saved what I thought was one of the best parts of the show till last, kinda like dessert.  Of course I'm talking about Eric who else.  I'm not sure what to think about Willa, is she girl caught in a bad situation with a crazy father, (she wouldn't be the first) or is she perhaps another fangbanger addicted to V.  I do think she's caught the sheriff's attention and not just because of her father.

Are you a good girl? 

Already sleeping with an enemy umm let's revisit the earlier question. 

Any guesses what she might be thinking about?  

Yep, getting Eric to put  his mouth on her was my first guess 

Did finger sucking ever look so sexy... 

Eric knows how to leave a girl  stunned and speechless 

Last but not least we have damage control.  It seems this season there's going to be a lot of carnage and tonight was no different with the destruction of the Fae Club and all it's fairies.  It's been interesting and entertaining to get a glimpse into this magical world and they will be missed.  

Niall wonders at the chaos 

He discovers the truth 

He is overcome with their memories

Remembering and understanding the attack of his nemesis -Warlow 

Beyond words- wounded with loss of his kin 

Rest well in  The Summerlands

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

True Blood Season 6 episode 3 "The Sun" recap

Sunday's episode had some fantastic surprises and left fans screaming for more.  
 The first question we were all  dying to know-- WHO IS THIS MAN?   

Simple this is Sookie and Jason's Fae Grandpa, Niall 

Now with that question answered we can move on to the sexy part of the night-- ERIC.  
 He played the part of a kick-butt hero in so many ways and most of us couldn't get enough. 

Is there a doctor in the house? 
Why yes there is and  Dr. Northman makes it all better

And who knew he could act!
Anyone call the Geek Squad? 
Oh wait is it our hero in disguise ?
Then finally Eric ends his day doing what he does best-
charming his way into a beautiful woman's window

 And if Eric wasn't enough to keep us entertained we had some more shocking things in store for us with The Sun  

Bill learns from Lilith that  she's not a god and neither is he, but he does have
a special mission 
He's also developed some interesting feeding habits 
And he can see the future and it doesn't look pretty

You would think that would be enough for this episode. I mean how much more can they give us right? 
I guess they wanted to thoroughly wear us out so it kept coming. 

New complications
New powers
New fae or friend? 
New family? 
New special friends
New family or new foe 
New father and new fae 
New foe or old enemy
Again new foe or old enemy

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Count Down to Chaos: True Blood Season 6 starts NEXT Sunday, 6-16-13

Wow it's that time of year again for our base desires to be satisfied and True Blood looks like it's going to deliver in a big way this season!   Vampires, fairies, and wolves oh my!   Don't forget there WILL be blood spilled but we have to wait to see who will find their demise and who will survive.   True Blood truly makes summer a bit more fun.   Check it out Sunday Nights on HBO

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Write the Song 2013

Submission dates will be May 11--July 14, 2013  

Anne, Northwoman, is going to be offering a great repeat!   She is opening the I Write the Songs Contest again for 2013.    The contest is always a lot of fun and it has some of the best writers share their work with all of us.  Below are a few links that explains everything in detail.   Happy writing!

Fan Fic Profile 


True Blood Season 6 Preview Videos

Looks like it's going to be a dangerous and exciting  season! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Hunger Games-- Catching Fire