Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finding a Misplaced Muse

I'm so happy to FINALLY have chapter 16 of "Wind in Her Sails"  written, betad, and posted on Fan Fic.   It seems to have taken me forever to find the motivation to get back to writing.  I have no idea why unless unbeknownst to me I have experienced a Muse kidnapping.  Maybe someone (more likely some supernatural being) popped into my home and caught my poor Muse by surprise.   I'm not sure exactly how one would kidnap a Muse since I don't know how powerful they really are.   I don't know if the kidnapper would need a gunny sack or would they need only to bring a simple mason jar.  I want to believe that my Muse is all powerful and therefore immune to any simple kidnapper; even a supernatural one.  If that's the case then where did mine go for that period of time when writing even a simple plot seemed to escape me.  I have no idea.  Maybe this hasn't been a case of foul play but a case of a naughty little Muse who went adventuring.   In any case I'm glad to have her back and  hard at work.  I just hope she gives me a little warning before her next adventure.    Hey now that’s an idea for a story “The Misadventures of a Muse”.  *winking*  See I told ya she was back!   


Fairy said...

So glad your Muse has returned home safely, and it seems she is ready to get back to work too. Lovin your new blog theme as well xx

*big hugs*

Char said...

Ahh Thanks Hon! I wanted something "springy"

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