Monday, August 30, 2010

What I"m writing

Banner I created for my story "Wind in Her Sails"

I'm working on a couple of different projects right now.   The first one is a story that is my initial offering on Fan Fiction.  It's called Wind in Her Sails and follows Sookie and Eric and they both admit their feelings to each other, their relationship unfolds and grows.   Throw in  a Fae plot to kidnap Sookie, and there's going to be a LOT to keep you entertained!  The picture above is the banner I created for my story.   

My second project is one that I'm working on with my hubby.   It's called Letters from the Heart and are letters between Eric and Sookie right after the witch war.   I think it makes it interesting to get a "man's perspective".  He writes the Eric letters to Sookie and of course I respond as Sookie.   Check them out, everyone seems to really be enjoying them. 


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