Friday, September 3, 2010

Random thoughts

Well I"m having lots of different things going on this week and lots of random thoughts.   First I want to say I'm BLOWN away by the response to my story Letters from the Heart.   This is a letter exchange between Sookie and Eric with a little twist.   I'm working with another writer, my hubby.    He's writing Eric's perspective and of course that leaves me to deal with Sookie.  (He got the good end of the deal......LOL)   Well I'm overwhelmed with the response.  People are loving it.   I'm thrilled to death, and wish I would have thought about it sooner.  I want to thank you guys SOO much for supporting and encouraging this project it means soo much.   

On another note, are you all dying to know what happens with the True Blood Finale?    I am and have been trying to search for spoilers all over the net.   I honestly haven't been thrilled with this season and I am such a SVM fangirl I struggle sometimes with the radical change AB does with the characters.  Ah heck, sometimes it gets me so mad I just want to kick someone!   But like a bad train wreck I want to see what happens.   If nothing else I keep hoping for the Sookie and Eric connection.   I'm such a hopeless romantic,  and I'll keep hoping and praying that AB will see the light!  If nothing else we can always just spend our time  watching  Alexander Skarsguard!


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