Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remembering Those We Lost

I didn't really have time to post anything on Saturday,  but I didn't want 9/11  to go by without paying tribute to all those who suffered losses that day.  I also wanted to remember the military members we have lost because of this tragedy.   It put things into motion that have changed our lives, some of us more than others.

I'm sure many of us can remember exactly where we were when all this unfolded.  I couldn't believe what I was watching and  I actually asked my husband if it were real or a simulation of a possible attack. Those images will be forever etched in my memory.  The next months were painful for Americans and I think we all felt like we were walking on shaky ground.   Gone was our arrogance and it was replaced with trepidation and insecurity. This continued for  a long while and honestly I'm sure many of us still have a sense of unease at times,  especially when we are reminded of this terrible day.

However, I think some good things did come out of that tragedy.   We became closer as Americans and it seemed like we all took a little more time for others.   We went back to our roots as a Christian Nation.   We sought out God and the churches were full that next Sunday.   Suddenly we didn't take things for granted anymore.   We didn't know what was going to happen next, and it made us stop and think about what was important in our lives.  I think those were all good things we found in the midst of the chaos.   I do have to wonder why it seems to take a tragedy to help us realize what is valuable to us.   If we haven't learned anything else I hope we've  learned to not take our lives and our loved ones for granted.   


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