Monday, September 6, 2010

Contests Galore!

This fall seems to be setting up as a fall for some great writing contests. Of course this is a win win situation for both the writers and the readers. If gives those of us who write a great creative push to write a story within a few boundaries. Believe it or not that can be more difficult than just free writing. I'm hoping to find the time to participate in at least one, and I know my Beta Jade is going to write a few too. Whether you are a writer or an avid reader these contests will offer something for everyone. Be sure and check them all out!

A New Chapter 

This is a contest for all NEW writers.   This is an all human contest that blesses your favorite SVM pairings with a new bundle of joy;  yep a baby.   This is not limited to Eric and Sookie, all SVM pairings are acceptable and encouraged.
- Submissions Accepted: Sun. 9/12 - Fri. 11/12

Eric's First Blood 

 Whether it's Eric's first meal after being turned or his first attack as a young Viking warrior this contest wants your stories! The limit is only your imagination.   Submissions September 6th, thru September 27th at 12:00 A.M. Mountain Time.  

I Write The Songs

 Barry Manilow said it best!  Choose a song and use it as your title.  Eric and Sookie must be your main pairing but it can be Canon SVM, AU, OOC or AH. Submissions from September 24-- October 30th. 



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