Monday, July 4, 2011

Duties of a Citizen?

If someone were to ask me what my “job” as an American is, I’m not sure I would have a quick and ready answer.  It is something though we all need to think about. What are the duties we have as citizens of the US or for that matter any country?    Here are  a few thoughts that sprang to my mind.
1.  It’s our duty to make sure the freedoms we have are protected.  Be it the freedom to get on a plane without being groped by a total stranger or something as praying with friends in school.  
2.  We have the right to be treated with respect as a human being no matter our color, race, gender, or choice of mate/partner.   We also have the duty to  treat others in the same way.   
3.  It’s our duty as citizens of the US and the world to stand up for human rights no matter if it’s in the US, Iran, or China.   
I’m reminded of a famous quote we all would be well to remember “Evil prevails when good “men” do nothing”  


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