Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Days of Christmas-Day 11

Day 11--Pipers Piping 

During the holidays it was quite common for musicians, dancers, and performers to be hired to entertain guests at the festivals and celebrations.   Bagpipes were commonly heard among the merriment.   Since the Stewarts held the throne after Elizabeth of course they brought in their Scottish influence but what many do not realize is that bagpipes were also commonly found  in France. 

When thinking about sharing something for day eleven I had a bit of trouble.  I was thinking I could to the obvious - share something Scottish but that's just to predictable.   So how about this, since there is a lot air used while playing the bagpipes I share something that requires blowing.  All right get your mind out of the gutter,  geeze  it's Christmas for heaven's sake. *SMH and Winking*  Just look below and enjoy!

                                                         Creating Glass Ornaments




Blue Wave
Silver Swirl 

Hand Blown 


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