Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Christmas--Day 6

Day 6-Six Geese A'Laying 
A Golden Egg?
What could be that romantic about giving someone six geese much less six geese "A' Laying".  There is hardly anything online about this particular verse of the song but I was thinking maybe they mentioned  the geese laying eggs to represent fertility and birth.   So maybe the person giving the geese was wishing their true love a life of  being blessed and fertile.  That might be grasping a bit I'm not sure,  but I thought it sounded good! Anyway... I've decided to concentrate not on the "bird"  part of the story but on the egg.   Below are a variety of eggs  that may not be what the author had in mind,  but I'll take one of these over an old goose egg anytime!   

Faberge` Peacock Egg 

Faberge` Winter Egg 

Fabrege` Standart Egg 

Fabrege` Royal  Danish  Egg 

Fabrege` Revolving Egg 
Fabrege` Emperial Peter the Great Easter Egg 


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