Sunday, December 16, 2012

12 Days of Christmas-Day 4

Day 4-Four Calling Birds 
Call me - maybe?
The fourth day lyric seems to have come about because of a bit of a mix-up.   Originally the lyrics mentioned 4 "colly/collie" birds NOT "calling birds".   Of course to most of us that doesn't make any more sense than the modern "calling birds".   However, it might when I share a bit of trivia with you.   Colly/Collie refers to black birds.  Colly was a slang term to refer to black originating from the term used by coal miners.  Aren't you e going to be fount of trivia by the time we are done!  

Since I didn't really know or find anything too interesting on blackbirds I  think I'll share something in connection the the modern day lyric, Enjoy 

4 Free Christmas Ring Tones  (it works no subscription needed I tried them out)   


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